What is the value of my 1953 willys jeep?

Its old, some rust but it does have the title, its non-running, all wheel drived 4 cycl pinto engine and is probably just for parts or restoration, but i need to kno how much its worth so i can sell it

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3 Responses to “What is the value of my 1953 willys jeep?”

  1. mybuttstinks2008 says on :

    What model? CJ3-A CJ3-B Willy Wagon…….
    The pinto kills the "original value" but may make it more desirable to some.
    I have bought many CJ2&3-A Jeeps. Paid $200 for one that was complete but in pieces $500 for one with a new tub that needed drive shafts $800 for one that I drove away
    I paid $1450 for my 1961 Willy Wagon with good running original drivetrain and nice intereor.

    I would try to ask $500 – $800 but plan on selling it cheap

  2. yes_its_me says on :

    Whatever the traffic will bear.
    First of all different body styles were more popular. The Willy’s Wagon and the Pick up were very popular for the past twenty years or so. Most were restored and modified with V8 engines, etc. The actual Jeeps were more of a specialty restoration project and generally were worth more in an un altered condition.
    I would look in Hemming Motor News and on line to get a price estimate for what is out there for sale.

  3. UCANTCME says on :

    Not much really in that condition but you would make more if you parted it out on ebay…………..


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