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WWII Military Willys MB Jeep Restoration DVD

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Have You Always Wanted A Restored Army Jeep? So did we! Come along and see how we restored our 1945 Willys MB jeep. Experience the thrill of bringing one of these historic vehicles back to life. You’ll see our restoration process and the decisions we made along the way. You’ll learn from the experts, and [...]

Laurel & Hardy: Great Guns (Jeep Recon)

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This is my favorite part in the whole movie! Gotta love that crazy jeep driving and the sound of it. Laurel and Hardy were true comic geniuses. Willys Jeep Resources 1963 Jeep Makeover | Willys Wagon Comic Genius: An Evening with Cartoonist Liza Donnelly | Norman Rockwell Museum Laurel and Hardy – Bonnie Scotland

George Barta Jeep Aficionado

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George Barta shows his World War II vintage Jeep which he has restored. See the complete story at: Willys Jeep Resources Matthew Yglesias » World War II Our Youngest-Serving World War II Veteran « Blog The State of the Union « An Accident of Hope

Starting the WWII Jeep Willys

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I just start my 1943 Jeep Willys MB. Listen the Go-Devil’s Rumbles ! Listen this old-fashioned horn (it works one time for four tries…) ! Willys Jeep Resources Can I use a stock 1948 Jeep Willys’ axles for highway use? | Willys Wagon Obama to visit 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Volt, 2011 Explorer plants [...]

How could I Find a WWII willys Jeep?

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I am looking for a WWII Willys jeep to restore but im kinda lost on where to look. Willys Jeep Resources

WWII jeep trip to Mt Mee

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A day trip by the MJCQ around the Mt Mee area just northwest of Brisbane, 24th February 2008. Five MB/GPW jeeps and three Dodge Weapons Carriers came along for a bumpy, dusty ride with some steep hills and a little bit of mud thrown in. The previous day it had been 40 C and it [...]

WWII WILLYS Jeep 5 point turn on hill

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took my 1944 WILLYS MB Jeep to work today and on my lunchbrake I took it over to a dead end and trayed to get it over this very soft and step hill. trayed for about 3 mines. all most made it but the ground was just too soft to go up the hill. if [...]

I want to get this Jeep running, but I know nothing about vehicles.?

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I’m thinking of buying a WWII Willy’s Jeep and trying to get it to run over the summer. I’m not trying to restore it, just get it running. However, I know nothing when it comes to vehicles. I know the basic concept of how they operate, but that’s it. Oh, and I can change the [...]

Jeep Wrangler 1995 YJ Willy’s decal kit US Army

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This is my 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Rio Grande 4 Banger, 5 speed, 4.10 gears, and a 2 inch shackle lift. Has a custom Willy’s package decal kit. I have added a cold air intake, throtle body spacer, & magna flow exhaust for extra horsepower. Also these things. Grenade shift knob, and camo seat covers. [...]


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1943 FORD GPW WWII JEEP IN TAIWAN Willys Jeep Resources Memorial Day Special: 1943 Ford GPW « BaT – The best vintage and classic cars for sale online History of the MB/GPW Action Figure Spotlight – Plan B Toys WWII Jeep |