Soviet Military Jeep GAZ-69A

This is our Soviet Military Jeep (Gaz- 69a) that we brought back with us from Kazakhstan. It’s the same make as the jeep on the last Indiana Jone’s movie car chase. However, the Gaz 69a is the ‘officers’ jeep, as it has 4 doors instead of 2 (the Gaz 69 in the IJ movie was the ‘soldiers’ model, having two front seats and two benches along the sides in the back for up to 6 soldiers and a machine gun stand in the middle). It’s been covered and on blocks in my grandparent’s yard for the past 9 years. I filled it up with gas, replaced the battery, rebuilt the clutch and brakes on it, and it works like a charm. The hose hanging on the bottom is the clutch line that I later fixed so that it doesn’t hang.

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