1961 Willys Jeep FC-150 FOR SALE – 32000 Original Miles!

This is a 1961 Willys-Jeep FC-150 Pickup for sale. Original 78 horsepower four cylinder engine, three speed manual transmission, 5.13 geared Dana 44 axles front and rear. High and low range four-wheel-drive. This is a rust-free 32000 original mile California desert truck that has less than 500 miles on a body-off-frame restoration. These trucks were built on the CJ-5 platform and featured a cab-forward body and a small pickup bed. Only 1298 1961 FC-150′s were ever built and there are only a handful left in this condition. Beautiful Mountain Green Poly and Palm Beach Ivory two-tone with beige interior. Very reliable and can be driven anywhere. Top speed of about 55 MPH but will pull a house down the road. These trucks were rare when they were new and now nearly fifty years later, there are very, very few left, especially in the condition this truck is in. Rare opportunity to score an awesome 4×4 from the legendary Willys-Jeep. This truck can be bought for only 950. Call John at 248-320-5770/

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8 Responses to “1961 Willys Jeep FC-150 FOR SALE – 32000 Original Miles!”

  1. Sarcasticscum says on :

    Damn.. Talk about RARE!

  2. classicautofan1 says on :

    “HUH?” “More power!” lol. Nice truck.

  3. almostskater28 says on :

    i want that so bad i will drive out there to get it just tell me were!!

  4. fxdrdnme says on :

    Somewhere in lewiston idaho. Call the gent.

  5. plaster5454 says on :

    my dad used to own one and he lifted it…. it was so badass i wis we still had it

  6. tpmsee says on :

    I have a fc 170 with a 327 chevy . It needs work but will run. I’m in AZ, and would like to sell.

  7. OneBadSuperbird says on :

    Yeah! Ya neeed to buy it!

  8. MrBooojangles says on :

    OMG I did not know Willys did a forward control vehicle, looks a nice vehicle. Land Rover did forward control vehicles as well.

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