1953 Jeep M38A1 or CJ3?

I have been looking into getting one of these jeeps for a while and my Uncle has told me that he has a 1953 Jeep Willys. And that is all he told me. I plan on looking at it, but how do I tell if it is an M38A1 Military Jeep or a CJ3 civilian vehicle? What are the major differences that I should look for to tell if it is a military or civilian vehicle?

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3 Responses to “1953 Jeep M38A1 or CJ3?”

  1. Seahorse says on :

    Major difference is one is Military and one is non military.

  2. Rod Knocker says on :

    Pop the hood and look on the firewall. The tag will tell you.
    The M38A1 has utility mounts on the sides of the body

  3. zzvegasbaby says on :

    The cj 3 had a tailgate, otherwise they are basically identical.

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