1952 WILLYS JEEP M-38 flat fender

Just an old school willys w/original four cylinder flat head,warn 6k winch and warn overdrive. I,ve owned since 1975. A 1943 Ford GPW in the drive under blue tarp more on that later.

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  1. ShnitzlHaus says on :

    get a vid of this thing rollin :D

  2. hornjunkie says on :

    @ShnitzlHaus will do, just put those tires on, tryin to sort out some bad wiring on my turnsignals and such

  3. ShnitzlHaus says on :

    @hornjunkie cant wait. hope its soon :)
    I have a 1948 cj2a. getting an original engine for it so I can get it running again.
    its a lefty model.

    please low or no music in the next vid, only because I want to hear it run :D

  4. bdfhjfgyu says on :

    i sold my scrambler just a few days ago.and my wife missing it so much.now im planning to have another jeep and i want it to look like yours.nice job,neat and cute.im sure that my wife gonna like this.m38.can i ask what is your tire size?thanks!

  5. hornjunkie says on :

    @bdfhjfgyu tires are mickey thompson baja claws 10.50x31x15 thanks for the comment,bought this jeep in the 70,s when I was 19 im now 52 and I still get a grin on my face when I drive it.

  6. bdfhjfgyu says on :

    thanks for the reply bro!so what is the rim size is it 15×7 or 15 x 8 deep dish.you know every time i visit youtube i watch your jeep first.keep your jeep in good shape,you know every passing day things are not the same as they were before but jeeps,jeeps are jeeps forever.this is what my father told me.the sun wont set with the mighty jeep.he is a WW2 vet,but unfortunately his family cant afford to have one even the americans sell it at the price of 150 to 180 $ here in the philippines

  7. hornjunkie says on :

    @bdfhjfgyu wheels are 15×8, I also have a 43 ford gpw in process of restoration I will be getting a vid up of that soon, the 43 was my fathers that I ended up with after his passing. it’s all original military and will be restored as such. thanks for the comments

  8. ShnitzlHaus says on :

    more jeep more jeep more jeep more jeeeeeeeep :D

  9. Restarea11019V says on :


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