1944 Willys MB Jeep


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25 Responses to “1944 Willys MB Jeep”

  1. loco144 says on :

    PS: Ever notice how its ONLY the “Old jeeps rules” idiots like you discriminate against other jeeps and not the other way around?????


  2. csdwarf says on :

    Lol,the willys are better then the new tippy trash the jeep makes,i have a 99 jeep and a 1942 willys they bolth have 36″ mudding tires on them and the willys will go anywere while the trash 1999 is bogging out and dieing

  3. oi812oi81b4u says on :

    old jeeps rule

  4. Airbornerock says on :

    Wow you asshole hick, give this jeep to somebody who can care for it.

  5. loco144 says on :

    Hey asshat, I understand that you lack reading comprehension skills, so just for you i’ll say it again: THIS IS NOT MY JEEP

  6. Airbornerock says on :

    Aww shut the fuck up you 400 pound obese hick, stop fucking your jeep with mud. sell it to some one who will care for it!

  7. loco144 says on :

    lol, you’re an idiot. I see you still can’t comprehend the part about it not being my jeep, thats ok, i deal with fucktards like you every day.

    PS: sorry do disappoint your stupid ass, but i’m only 195 pounds, thats about 300 pounds lighter then your fat ass.

  8. Airbornerock says on :

    lol u dont even know me idiot and ur the fat ass look at ur photo

  9. loco144 says on :

    lol. Come back when you grow up

  10. Airbornerock says on :

    no u come back when u lose weight

  11. loco144 says on :

    wow, your sense of humor is that of a 6 year old.

    Bye bye now.

  12. MewFushisDad says on :

    “True 4 wheel drive with locking hubs”?

    My 1948 CJ-2A came stock without locking hubs. I installed a pair of new Warn locking hubs that were made for the CJ-2A.

    As for true 4 wheel drive, none of the old Willys military or civilian came with locking differentials or spools or any type of traction differentials.

    Open differentials front and rear is the way they all came off the assembly line.

    They will go anywhere and they will get stuck, but hey, that’s half the fun of those rigs.

  13. elfishgrin says on :

    dude, what the fuck do you think these things were made for, Its meant to be used and abused, as long as you service it and dont crash it you can run these things forever, hell there only designed to fucking last.

  14. hockeyrock101 says on :

    your fuckin hellarios love that you called him a year old and its probbably true to and very nice jeep its so funny

  15. hockeyrock101 says on :

    you dont no him either so just do yourself a faver and just shut the hell up

  16. hockeyrock101 says on :

    man i just shut up no joke

  17. Fongseedong says on :

    Definitely, and besides, that’s what the Capstan winch is for! :o )

  18. MirekDKZ says on :

    1 se u jeepa řadí přes 2

  19. SlipknotOwnsMe says on :

    Very cool, these must have revoloutionalized life when they first came out. Jeeps have always been awesome, and you gotta love the dog in there :D

  20. damnedboner says on :

    What a pussy, just drive the thing! Its sad to see such a capable vehicle used so pussily.

  21. muddycarl666 says on :

    Great video …
    i’d seriously love one of these jeeps

    5 stars from me !!

  22. FOXracing12100 says on :

    NEW YORK i c this thing at bellmore

  23. rapiscrappy says on :

    these jeeps kick ass. love the smell of gas from under the driver seat

  24. DX721 says on :

    I love it, thats what they would have done almost 70 years ago, i bet a JoKe would have trouble with that!!

  25. prodigywashere says on :

    stupid assholes

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